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We are an English-speaking security company for the Bahia Bella region, and the entire Costa Blanca and Costa Calida.

Some years ago, before we installed alarm systems ourselves, we were also looking for an alarm system for our property in Bahia Bella.

There was no system that we really liked and we heard many negative stories from well-known security companies. Especially about late or no response to an alarm, and even that a detector inside the house generated an alarm after 30 minutes when they forgot to switch off the alarm before entering the house. This indicates something about the quality of the alarm system that well-known security companies use.

In addition, we always ran into the following inconveniences:

  1. Monthly subscription fees for control room and/or maintenance
  2. Offer a free system or offer an installation with sky-high fixed monthly costs
  3. Never become owner of the system yourself. If you stop paying, the system stops working
  4. Alarm system only possible if you sign a contract for at least 3 years

It is guaranteed that you too have received an offer from an alarm system seller who tries to get you to sign a contract for a minimum of three years for the system itself or for service and maintenance of the system.

You will quickly spend an average of 40 euros per month on costs for which you actually get nothing. Or the seller offers you a system "supposedly for free", and you can pay it back in three years by paying a monthly fee of 90 euros.

But what happens after those three years? You keep paying, or the system becomes unusable! So it becomes a very expensive system that you have got "for free".

None of this is what we want for our property in Bahia Bella, and neither do you.

So don't fall for these tricks, because things can be different!

A modern alarm system sends notifications to your own smartphone and checks itself.

Without monthly fees for service or maintenance contracts.

In our search for the best alarm system, we found AJAX.Systems:

Europe's most awarded security system

More people should know about this system, we thought, so we started an information website.
After informing many customers about the AJAX alarm system, we got more and more requests to come and install it for them as well.

What could be better than having a technician who is also very enthusiastic about the system and can install and set up all the products optimally? And there, this website was born.

We love satisfied customers and live by word of mouth.

That is why we do everything we can to make it happen.

If you let us install the AJAX alarm system, you can count on this:

  • No contracts
  • No maintenance costs
  • Receive burglar alarms directly to your phone free of charge, worldwide
  • No free system or free installation with sky-high subscription costs
  • A fixed price for everything including installation, you only have to replace the batteries yourself in the future
  • You are 100% owner of the entire system, so it is easy to expand and you are not tied to a particular vendor
  • Installation of the most modern system worldwide, AJAX is market leader in Europe!
  • Easily expandable should you wish to do so in the future
  • Easy to transfer from your old home to your new home, so future proof

The above advantages are not unique to AJAX, but to our company.
So be aware that there are also providers who offer an AJAX system with fixed subscription fees!

Security company Bahia Bella
your English-speaking security company at the Costa Blanca & Costa Calida

After a one-off purchase, there are no costs for maintenance or servicing of the system.
We install a complete system for a fixed price. This includes all costs.

Because the system automatically obtains software updates and monitors itself, all costs are kept low and the system can last a very long time.

English support

365 days a year support in your own language, also in Spain.

Voted the best alarm system in Europe in 2021

We love quality and the best word-of-mouth advertising. Therefore, whatever we install must be of the highest quality level. That is why we have been using one brand for years, and that is AJAX.Systems. AJAX has repeatedly been voted the best system in Europe, and more and more companies are switching to it.

Whether you choose a complete system or a customised package, the consultation and installation will always be carried out by our own English-speaking staff. The mounting of the detectors and all application settings on your own smartphone will be done for you. You don't have to do anything yourself.

Years of experience
Properties secured


Year warranty

Choice of indoor and outdoor detectors

A good alarm system should be able to inform you of a potential burglary attempt at the earliest possible stage.

Not just when a thief is already in your living room, but before he starts forcing windows or doors.

If your house is located on a busy street, only indoor detection is possible, but if you have a detached villa, think about outdoor detection.

With AJAX outdoor detection, you can prevent real burglaries and prevent damage to your property.

AJAX outdoor detection makes the siren sound before a thief gets inside!

We can tell you all about it during a consultation.

It is possible to have installations carried out by us throughout the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida region.

Our main office is located in Torrevieja, so an installation in Bahia Bella is no problem at all.

Please contact us using the form on our installation request page.

Here you can also schedule a non-binding consultation with one of our advisors.

Do you prefer contacting us by phone? Of course you can also call one of the numbers listed here.