AJAX Alarmsysteem installatie

AJAX Alarmsysteem installatie

Alarm installation Costa Blanca / Costa Calida

Regions Alicante / Murcia
We work in an area up to 200 kilometres from Torrevieja

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Year experience
Properties secured
Year warranty
With us, you do not pay monthly for the security of your home.

Everything works completely independently and without a subscription.

Every day we hear of a burglary and unfortunately people only start looking for an alarm system when it is already too late.

Curious who we are and what we have to offer? Then read on...

Our security experts can determine what is best for your home!

We have dozens of different detectors for both indoor and outdoor installation, and we know exactly which detector is best in which location. Take advantage of our expertise and get advice from our technicians.

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Security is our passion, and we love to tell you about it.

No hidden costs - No monthly fees - No maintenance costs. (with the exception of batteries that can be replaced by yourself)

Save thousands of euros in a few years compared to large, intrusive security firms that come to your door uninvited.

Please note: Many alarm system providers work with contracts and do not buy the alarm system, but borrow or rent it from them.

This means that the system never becomes your property. Never choose this kind of security, because it will cost you money for life!

Our AJAX system might cost you a bit more when you buy it, compared to the big intrusive security companies that come to your door uninvited, but it will save you thousands of euro's in the following years. AJAX is FREE for life.

And don't forget, AJAX Systems offers the highest quality security products, has won the most awards and will be the market leader in Europe in 2021. So don't just choose any alarm system, choose AJAX Systems. There's no better!

After a one-off payment of the purchase price, you are not tied to anything, and you are the owner of the system.

Note: We hear every day that there are many other installers who do not make the customer an administrator of the system. This keeps you tied to the often too expensive installation company if you ever want to expand or change something on the system. So make sure that if you let someone else install the system, you do not get user rights, but are an administrator.

We install a complete system for a fixed price. This is the price of the products as mentioned online, increased with the installation costs at your location. (Price list above)

2 Year Warranty

2-year warranty on manufacturing defects. If desired, a service contract can be concluded for the maintenance of the system at an additional cost, but the system can also be easily maintained by the user.

Support in English

365 days a year support in your own language. Not only in the UK, but also in Spain.

If you let us install the AJAX system in your home, and still run into a problem, we will solve it within 24 hours, guaranteed.

Voted the best alarm system in Europe in 2021

AJAX Systems has won many awards in the field of security.

AJAX is the choice for anyone looking for the best alarm system without a monthly fee.

AJAX is so easy to use that anyone can use it. You don't need more than a smartphone.

The complete installation in Spain is carried out by our own multi-lingual trained staff. Mounting the detectors and all application settings on your own smartphone is done for you.

We install within 24 hours after ordering. So you never have to wait long for the security of your home. Do you have doubts about something? Then contact us, and we will take away all doubts for you.

Contact us directly for installation or advice?

You can do this via Whatsapp, or fill in our contact form and we will call or email you.

Direct contact? Then call: +31683871516 or on our Spanish number: +34633425713.

On both numbers you will be answered in English.

Fill in the contact form

Camera A

2K indoor camera

Rotates 360 degrees

€ 69,-

Camera B

1 Outdoor camera Full HD

Internal storage

€ 139,-
Eufy cam 2 set

Camera package C

2 Outdoor cameras with large battery incl. storage station

€ 399,-

Easily expandable at extra cost:

Extra outdoor camera package C: € 160,- p/s.

Examples of Camera's

Eufy Camera
Eufy Camera

Alarma-Ajax.es is part of Best-alarm-system.eu

We install alarm systems in a 200KM radius of Torrevieja, Spain. We also do online sales through our webshop.

Our hobby has become our profession, the actual prevention of burglaries by applying the latest security techniques.

  • We focus on outdoor detection whenever possible. Detecting an intruder as quickly as possible is what we want. Knowing that someone is already in your home is no one's preference.
  • We work more precisely than any other company, and check the detection on every inch of your garden! We hate burglars more than anyone else, and we will do everything we can to secure your home to the best of our ability, depending on the budget available.
  • We receive monthly videos of failed burglary attempts by criminals from our customers where we have installed cameras and alarms. We are quite proud of that!
  • We guarantee completely faultless operation of the alarm system, and offer a 2-year warranty on all products.
  • The system works without monthly charges, and you are always the full owner of the system. The entire installation and operation is done via your own smartphone.
  • Many other providers work with an alarm system on a rental or contract basis. As soon as you stop paying monthly fees, the system is removed or becomes unusable. Not with us! With us, you pay a one-off amount, and you enjoy it for life.

Do you also prefer to let criminals go to the neighbours?

Then make an appointment with us now.

You will be amazed by the possibilities we have to offer!

We are based in Torrevieja (southern Costa Blanca) and carry out installations in the regions of Alicante / Murcia

We work in an area up to 200 kilometres from Torrevieja

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Contact details

Best Alarm System (JEPA Best Products S.L.)

03183 Torrevieja, Spain

Phone: (+34) 633425713


VAT number: ES-B42678029

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There are many alarm system sellers... But who should you choose? What should you pay attention to?

To give you more information, we have written a separate page in which we explain this:

  • Don't trust anyone who shows up at your door uninvited and tries to sell you an alarm system on a commission basis.
  • What brand of system will be installed?
  • Will you be the administrator of the system if you have it installed or will you always be connected to the installer?
  • Do you rent or buy an alarm system? And what happens when you stop paying?
  • Are you tied to a contract and for how long?
  • Is there an English-speaking customer service or only a sales team?
  • Will the police really be called if there is a break-in, as the seller claims?

Our Webshop

Are you an expert in installing an alarm system?

Or would you like to read more about all the products we have in our range?

Then take a look at our webshop.